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Special offer Pellenc + Linseal

The Activ Company has prepared a special offer. For each purchased Pellenc secateur we add 10 liters of Linseal preparation free of charge...

53 National Conference of Orcharding Plants Protection

Take a look at the video materials presenting some of the products recommended by the Activ Company presented at the 53 National Conference of Plants Protection ... ...

Garden tools

Wojciech Gwiazda Tomasz Stykowski
tel/fax: + 48 48 66 10 142, 48 66 10 143 (wew 24)

Running Nurseries Systems:
nursery bamboo
inoculating nifes
HTB tapeners,tapes, staples
nursery labels

Systems of pegs and gardening structures:
concrete pillars 2,8 m 3 m
bekaert gardening wire
bapido quick-tensioners for wire
bekaert chuck for wire tightening
anchors for wire fastening
pine, hazel and bamboo pegs

Fencing systems:
bekaert wicker and knot nets – 10 years warranty
concrete, wooden and metal posts

Systems of fastening trees to pegs:
tubular hoses
band hoses
HRF tapeners for hose and staples fastening
gardening tapes

Chemical protection systems:
plant protection products
Air-Ace respirators with coal inlays
herbicide beams
Fruit gathering systems:
wooden pallet-boxes: on the skids and slugs
perforated foam to the bottom of the pallet-boxes
trollies for pallet-boxes
pluckers with open roof
Heijmul aluminium gatherers
gardening sledges

Fruit gathering systems:
glued cartons with colorful prints
pressings of the fruit
net sleeves
fruit calibration measuring instruments
firmness measuring instruments and refractometers
SOENHLE electronic balance

Pallets systems:
cardboard corners
tapes, crumpons and tensioners for banding
nets for pallets wrapping
stretch film
hand pallet trolleys - Zakrem

Tree care systems:
chainsaws Solo
hand saws Felco, Bahco, Ars
one- and two-handed secateurs